What is FuM?
FuM is short for the Student Union Council and is the highest decision-making body within
the union. Fum consists of 35 student representatives who are elected amongst and by the
unions 11 000 members to be the voice of the student unions members. Almost all student
divisions are currently represented and besides the student representatives the Student Union
Management Board and Study Division presidents have the right to speak at the FuM-meetings.
All student union members have the right to attend the meeting and can be co-opted.


There are 8 FuM-meetings per academic year distributed two each study period. These
meetings are either in Kårrestaurangen at Campus Johanneberg or sometimes at a conference
room at Campus Lindholmen. At these meetings, free food is served.


How does the election work?
The student union election is organized by the election committee, who make sure the
elections are carried out in accordance with our statutes. The committee also collects
candidate registrations, compiles the candidate brochure and suggests election dates. The
election committee consists of 7 members.
If you want to run in the election, we are here for you. We can give advice on how to
campaign and make the most of your provided candidate and coalition budgets.


What is an electoral coalition?
A group of students with similar goals and interests can run together as a coalition. Your
combined votes will increase the chance of each of you getting a seat in the council.
You can join a coalition to make your time as a candidate and member of the council easier
and more fun! Talk to one of the existing coalitions or start your own. Starting a coalition is
easy – all you have to do is sign up as candidates together on the candidacy form, which you
can find here.
The coalitions currently in FuM can be contacted at their respective Facebook-page:


Arbetarpartiet Charmörerna
AsterixPartiet Gallerna
Förenade Naturvetare – FUN
Kalle Anka Partiet – KAP
KPI – Kamratpartiet I:arna
My Favorite Party
Chalmers Cortège Parti


How to run for Council?

Fill this form and hand into the student union desk or email it to us at info@fumval.se before the deadline. This year the candidacy closes on the 27th of March.


Committee of election complaints

If you have some critical problems regarding the Election you can contact the committee of election complaints:

Dan Paulin
Speaker of the Student Union Council: Leon Larsson
Deputy Speaker of the Student Union Council: Frej Karlsson

Emilia Sandolf
Samuel Nyberg
Erik Marberg


Isak Stark