How do i run for Council?

To run for council is easy! All you need to do to register as a candidate is to fill out this form. Later on you will be contacted for some additional information, and you will of course need to do some campaigning!

Why should I run for Council?

Is there anything you want to change about the student union? Should express only serve meatballs? Do you want more influence over your education? Maybe you think the union needs more focus on mental health? These are the kinds of questions that could be brought up at the Student Union Council. And if there is something that you want to change, the best way is of course to get involved in making it happen. And if participating directly in the council isn’t your thing, you can of course have your say by voting in the election!

What does one do as a council member?

As a council member at Chalmers Student Union, you are — together with 34 other students — part of the central decision making body at Chalmers Student Union. The Council works strategically to improve every Chalmerist’s student life. They meet 8 times during the year, on wednesday the 3rd and 7th week of each study period.

How does one start an electoral coalition?

You can start an electoral coalition together with your friends by signing up in this form and filling it out accordingly!