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Erik "Frenn" Frennborn

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Erik "Frenn" Frennborn




I firmly believe that a modern organisation needs a strong IT system to operate efficiently. Such systems allow for two main advantages: Firstly, it allows for automating tasks, freeing people from rule driven and repeated work. It is a total waste of resources to manually do work that could be done by computers. Secondly, a well working IT system would allow us to explore opportunities to bring more value to the student union. We have a lot of smart people that in the student union. If we enable them to explore ideas, who knows what value they could create for the student union. These advantages however don’t come for free. When IT systems grow, they acquire technical debt. This debt makes it harder to change the system, which in the long run will make our system unable to adapt. It is therefore important to pay off this technical debt to provide the most value for the student union. To summarize I will focus on these three areas: 1. Automation. Freeing humans from rule driven and repeated work. 2. Exploring new opportunities. Finding new opportunities for the organisation. 3. Sustainable development. Paying off technical debt to keep the IT systems agile and flexible.


Focus areas

Exploring new opportunities
Building longer term IT systems