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Victoria Svensson

Sustainability is the new black


Victoria Svensson


My Favorite Party


i, my name is Victoria and I am currently studying my first year at the master’s program Industrial Ecology. By representing My Favorite Party (MFP) I want to be a part of FuM and develop the sustainability of the student union and the university. Environmental sustainability, sustainable education as well as a safe and welcoming student union is my highest priorities. Chalmers are making progress in their environmental work but we can’t stop here. I want the development of the environmental work to continue by raising awareness and implementing sustainable solutions! I am also driven in providing sustainable and qualitative education that the students at Chalmers find valuable, both now and in the future. Lastly I find it really important to be able to provide a safe and welcoming campus and student union where everyone can be who they are. Where both new national and international student feels cared for. And remember, sustainability is the new black!


Focus areas

Increased environmental sustainability
Sustainable and qualitative education
A safe and welcoming campus and student union