Electoral Coalitions

What is an electoral coalition?

A group of students with similar goals and interests can run together as a coalition. Your combined votes will increase the chance of each of you getting a seat in the council. You can join a coalition to make your time as a candidate and member of the council easier and more fun! Talk to one of the existing coalitions or start your own. Starting a coalition is easy – all you have to do is sign up as candidates together on the candidacy form, which you can find here. The coalitions currently in FuM can be contacted at their respective Facebook-pages. 


Do you want to be visible with your new coalition here before then? Send an email to info@fumval.se.


Currently active electoral coalitions

My Favorite Party – MFP

My Favorite Party is a party with members from several different student divisions while at the same time having a wide area of background being involved in the Student Union both at the central and student division level. With this experience we hope to be able to represent your opinions as members in the best way possible!
One of the driving points of the party is to contribute to a more involved council, contributing to different projects managed by the council and coming up with new initiatives.


Kalle Anka Partiet – KAP 


Kalle Anka Partiet (KAP) är en samling av studenter vid Chalmers Studentkår som representerar sina väljare från studentkåren i Kårfullmäktige (FuM). 


Arbetarpartiet Charmörerna – AC


With years of collective experience providing career opportunities to Chalmers students, we have united as an electoral coalition to bring our perspective and competence to FuM. Our aim is to bring students of all backgrounds together while giving them clarity and a positive outlook on what the future may hold. We believe that contact with companies and people at the school throughout the education is key to a rewarding time here at Chalmers. 




Förenade Naturvetare – FUN


Förenade Naturvetare (FUN) is an electorial coalition with its background in K, F and KfKb student divisions. We want a sustainable student life within a sustainable student union. By taking part in the student union council, we hope to make this a reality. We also want the student union council to be transparent, so that YOU as a member of the union can take part in what is happening during the year!


Kamratpartiet I:arna – KPI


KPI, Kamratpartiet I:arna, skapades av teknologer på sektionen för Industriell Ekonomi för att öka sammanhållningen mellan kårens alla medlemmar samt öka jämställdheten mellan de samma. Vi hoppas att era röster hjälper KPI att balansera kårfullmäktige och se till att medlemmarnas åsikter från alla sektioner finns representerade. Våra hjärtan klappar för engagemang och studentlivet på Chalmers. KPI vill att kåren ska öka sitt fokus på åtgärder som direkt gynnar sektionerna. På så sätt kan studenterna lättare uppleva studentnyttan kåren bidrar med samt minska distansen till sektionerna.


Chalmers Cortège Parti – CCP


Every spring a quarter-million people of Gothenburg gather to behold the Cortège. It is a parade created by chalmerists who construct their own vehicles and amusing sceneries. Chalmers Cortège Committé organize the event and the week of building and entertainment to prepare. Take part in the fun and keep the tradition since 1909 alive: Join the Cortège!