Welcome to fumval.se! Here you can register your candidature by filling out this form and register your electoral union in this form.The candidature opens on February 15th and closes the7th of March. If you have any questions regarding the forms, the candidature or the Union Election, contact us at info@fumval.se.


Voting for your representative is the most important part of the Student Unions democratic system. Make sure that the Student Union works towards your interests by carefully electing people who will make educated decisions that reflect your views.

If you have any questions about either the election or the Student Union Council you are welcome to contact us on Facebook or by our mail, info@fumval.se.



The Student Union council, often abbreviated FuM, is Chalmers Student Union’s highest governing body. Each year, 35 members of the student union are chosen for a term of one year. In the elections to the council, where all members have the right to vote, these representatives are elected. This year the candidacy period will be from 15th of February to 7th of March, while the election is between 19th of April and 25th of April, the election closes at 17:00 on the 25th of April.

The council can be likened to the student union parliament but it’s a bit more fun. Obviously taken decisions include the Student Union budget and operating plans. But also whether the potatoes in the Restaurant of the Student Union must be peeled or not, or if there will stay a grass-fed goat on Union building roof. For more information about the council is available here.


To influence in the council is both easy and fun. Are you interested in pursuing education issues, fun life issues, or any other possible issues, Stand for the council.